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A little about us

Excel Scotland Ltd is a company dedicated to building houses.
Although we are based in Moray we cover the North East of Scotland from Inverness to Aberdeen and down into Deeside and Speyside. It's a pleasure to be able to build bespoke houses for clients in one of the most beautiful and diverse areas of Scotland.

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Hello, we're Excel Scotland Ltd

At Excel Scotland we are passionate about building quality homes. We have fantastic team of local tradesmen who deliver great workmanship and we have an approved supplier list which has been built up over time.

We can customise our service for each client. Some of our clients already have designs and permissions and we complete the build process. Others are at an earlier stage and we can work with them through the process. Whatever stage you are at, we deliver efficient, cost effective builds and a home you will be delighted with.



We can help you plan your dream home
from start to finish, from finding the right
plot of land, planning and building to
your exact specifications...


Our Properties

All of our homes are custom designed and built to your specification – literally the home of your dreams.

We’ve completed many fantastic properties for our clients.
If you’re looking for inspiration, have a browse through our featured properties below, or click the link to view our finished projects, and don’t forget we’re always happy to talk through your options.

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Our Services

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Have you had a picture of your dream house in you remind for years?
Have you been hunting for a house for a considerable amount of time but can't find exactly what you want? Or do you know you want to build a new house but need some inspiration? If you fall in to any of the above categories then Excel Scotland can help!

Whether you are looking for a bespoke home or some inspiration from our range of house designs, we can help turn your home into reality.

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Your dream home in our special part of Scotland

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Finding land can be a frustrating process. As part of our service we can help you define your requirements and evaluate any land purchases you are considering from a building and design point of view. Our advice can strengthen your hand when it comes down to any price negotiations.

Land varies in its character and thus its impact on new build costs. These issues may not be apparent and so we bring these to the attention of our clients. Some issues are easily rectified while others can make a build uneconomic. By engaging our services early in the build process, clients may achieve significant cost savings.

As builders we are often aware of building plots not available on the open market and at times we also hold stocks of land

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Planning on doing it Yourself? Advice

We have put together some pages of advice and information relating to self builds and associated topics.

Advice Self Build
Advice Planning
Advice Finance
Advice Green Technology
Advice Grants
Advice FAQs
Advice Links

Planning can seem very complicated so here we shed some light on the process. As part of our service, we guide our clients through the planning process and we also highlight some of the issues around finance.

Building a bespoke house gives you access to a wide range of green technologies. We explain the different options from air source to solar energy. Given the UK’s commitment to green energy, there are often incentives and grants available and as part of our service we will help you find the right technology to suit your needs.

At Excel Scotland we take our clients from design and planning through to completion. Whatever stage you are at with your project, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries.

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